Our Stories, woven

Artist: Year 1 - 6 Central West Leadership Academy

Our Stories, Woven is a collaboration of each primary class at Central West Leadership Academy. Every student was involved in some way with cutting, snipping, designing and plaiting together strands of scrap/leftover donated material to create this functional floor rug that will take pride of place in our library. Our students will be able to sit on this rug during story time, lay on it while crafting their own stories or share it with friends while recounting tales of childhood. The materials included off cuts of material used for clothing and old sheets. Smaller pieces were weaved together to make the longer rope strands that were then glued and stitched together. The idea behind this floor rug is that every junior student can enter our communal library space and see their hard work on display, being used as a decorative floor rug. Each strand is like a student at Central West Leadership Academy. By working together, weaving themselves with each other, they work together to create a strong and beautiful whole. Using the off-cuts and other material that would have otherwise gone to landfill, has given students an insight into how we can recycle and upcycle the unwanted to make something stunning. The old becomes new again. The circular design of this floor rug means that we can add to it as we gain new students. Once the rug returns to school, the high school students will be able to contribute to the growth and development of the weaves. Ultimately, Our Stories, Woven, is a symbolic representation of our school community. It helps represent the idea that no matter your beginning, whether you are tough and frayed, working collaboratively will give you the strength to be strong and beautiful, from the inside out.

Region: Dubbo