Not fast enough…

Artist: Alan Stanger

The fast fashion industry has long been criticised for its lack of sustainability and destructiveness on the environment. Many consumers however are unaware of the significant impact fast fashion trends are having on animal species and delicate ecosystems around the world. Fast fashion is cheap, disposable clothing that is produced rapidly by mass-market retailers to keep up with the latest international trends. This is designed to encourage customers to shop regularly for new looks – which of course means that we buy more and as a result 800,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles are discarded by Australians each year, 90% of which ends up in landfill. According to Oxfam, 70% of donated clothing worldwide ends up in Africa. While it’s mostly donated with good intentions, much is discarded due to poor quality, which means we are treating these countries as landfills. Impacting delicate ecosystems and killing native animals like Africa’s threatened big cats. This piece was created to raise awareness and to start a conversation about the environmentally destructive impacts on animals caused by the fast fashion trend that is sweeping the world. We need to reverse this trend and fast!

Region: Dubbo