Pardon me…my screw is loose

Artist: Maureen Clark

My entry is an assemblage of metal pieces, predominately  gears, rescued from the local Tipshop, as well as cleaned up screws and other unidentifiable pieces of metal found on my morning walk.  These have been glued to a solid piece of scrap wood, firstly prepared with gesso and paint and a spray finish to prevent warping. This is meant to be a permanent work.

The work represents the human body which is like a machine, prone to breakdowns. The title of my work comes from an expression once used (good naturedly) to describe someone who was cranky or exhibiting “unusual” behaviour:  “He’s got a screw loose!”   

Thankfully, today we all have a greater awareness of mental health which is now more openly shared and hopefully my work will be seen as a humorous tribute to how far we have come in our understanding of those who suffer from mental illness.

Region: Broken Hill