Rusty Owl and Nest

Artist: Christina and Barry Tomlinson

Rusty Owl & Nest was a joint collaboration between Barry and Christina Tomlinson. All materials are salvaged from the now disused concrete plant Tomlinsons Concrete, Gulgong, a family owned and operated business established in the 80s. Our inspiration was the skip bin; what can we use, recreate or recycle? The body of the owl was created using rusty, flat steel cut and shaped as required. The legs are Volkswagen head studs. The eyebrows are tungsten tip auger teeth. Victalic rings around Timken bearing eyes create its unique expression. The perfect piece of 4 x 4 handmade roll cage offcut discarded by our son creates the beak. The nest was created using a rusty vehicle flywheel as a base, swarf from milling machines and lathes in the workshop as nesting materials. Dried gum leaves foraged from the surrounds of the concrete plant entwine through the swarf. Eggs are fine discarded wire with a dried grass base.

Region: Mid-Western