What a load of garbage – human artifacts

Artist: Shani Nottingham

This is an assemblage created with entomological foam and pins,
various pieces of garbage and discarded items I have picked up from
car parks, paths, roadways, picnic areas, gutters, etc. that may
otherwise have become landfill or pollute waterways.
The trash and garbage that others discard, that begins to decay,
degrade and fade, that are seen as waste and litter and totally
worthless – I see them as flashes of colour and shapes, as objects that
have had a journey, and have a backstory that I can only ever guess at.
They are human artefacts of my time, the *Antropocene Era , so I
choose to present them as specimens, framed. By assembling them
this way, presenting them like specimens, they are taken out of context
from where they were found, and given a new story to tell. They
generate a new, extended meaning, their past lives recalled, but given
an unexpected provenance and importance.
By creating work this way, I also I seek to arrange them in an
aesthetically pleasing manner, so that the viewer might see these
objects in a new light, a fresh way, further underscoring that the
worthless might gain some value.
Becoming more mindful of what they might see as they go about daily
rituals, I see hope too that such work inspires others to become an
explorer of their world, an archeologist of the mundane and maybe
even be more mindful with their waste.
*The Anthropocene is a proposed geological epoch dating from the
commencement of significant human impact on Earth’s geology and
ecosystems, including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate

Region: Bathurst