Umbrella – La Niña Made Me Do It!

Artist: Fiona Howle

Only the sewing machine thread and some paint can be identified as a new material. The old umbrella frame was still in working order, but the previous nylon fabric covering was torn and dirty from being stored in the garage over many years of drought. My first instinct was to take the umbrella to the tip, but I could see its framework potential, and with La Nina weather patterns, I need an umbrella to walk the dog. It was now raining possibilities! So, I experimented with various techniques on each of the 8 panels: painting, coloured marker patterns, stitching and adhesive tape, and layering coloured and patterned plastics. Scrap leftover soft plastic were used in other artworks of mine or went into the REDCYCLE bag. It is so decorative, I put it up for parties outside, and as an artwork to look at. If it rips, I can simply patch it with another plastic bag from the kitchen and some sticky tape. was morally and emotionally challenged when the theme of soft plastics was presented to me and at first, I did not think I could work with it because I have purposely been trying to eliminate it from my home. However, where there is a will for healing the World, I believe there is a way. So, during my experimentation with processes to recycle the Soft Plastics, I started to see its heroism for sanitary medical use, its flexibility and wonderful shiny transparency. Although I am unable to melt it down myself, I am so happy we can give the soft plastic to REDCYCLE for making into hard plasticware equipment, furniture, etc. There is a place for plastics in our world, however not as single-use items. We must try to keep it out of landfill, above ground and working for us.

Region: Bathurst