The merry go round of plastic

Artist: Louise Lovett

The impact of the production, use and disposal of plastic concerns me greatly. For my art work I chose a horse as it symbolises determination freedom, beauty, majesty, and spirit. Features that reflect our glories planet. I chose a white horse because white is the colour of truth. We must use our voices now to speak the truth of a seemingly unambiguous element like plastic and what it is doing to our earth and those that inhabit it. The carousel/ merry go round horse represents the way we will continue to go round and round harming the earth if we continue to produce plastic at the rate we are and dispose of it in unethical ways. I use a plastic for a bridle to represent the way plastics are halting our environment in many ways just as a rider halts his horse with a bridle. While I wish for a plastic free world maybe my little horse will cause you to think about reducing your own consumption of plastic and the way you dispose of it

Region: Bogan Shire