The forgotten song

Artist: Jessica Anne Leffley- Middleton

I usedBuilding canvas, shopping bags, lounge cover, vinnys old work shirts, necklace leather, doilies, envelope sealing wax, felt, twine and some timber from the shed. The Regent Honeyeater is a woodland bird local to our area, who has become the star of flagship conservation efforts to boost population. It is estimated that there are only 250-350 of these little critters left in the wild, their population stretching from south-east QLD to central Victoria, sightings included in the Capertee Valley. In NSW these gorgeous creatures are classified as critically endangered, every mention of them is important to get the word out and save this native species from extinction. The song of the Regent Honeyeater is passed from older generations of the bird to fledgelings, with the population decrease, chicks are losing their song. This work celebrates this little soldier and its forgotten song.

Region: Lithgow