The disposal of leftovers from wrecked beauty

Artist: Calare Public School Class 5/6 White

Our piece, The Disposal of Leftovers from Wrecked Beauty, has been designed to show the effects of fast fashion on our environment. The bodice represents the stacks of wasted fabric piled up in the landfills. We used small cardboard looms and scraps of fabric cut from recycled clothing to weave small designs, which we sewed together. The flowers were weaved on a round cardboard loom and symbolise hope of a better, more beautiful future. The skirt was created by marbling onto scraps of calico and paper. The wave-like pattern of the skirt represents water and how the process of dying fabric has damaged our waterways. We graffitied the train at the back to show how the damage the fast fashion industry creates on the world makes us feel.

Region: Orange