Tainted Seafowl

Artist: Lacey Reiss and Mercedes-Grace Simmonds

Our work explores the effect of fabric pollution on seafowl and marine life. We have used balloon sleeves to show how big the effect of fabric pollution on seafowl and marine life actually is. We are using old bed sheets and silk to show how the fabrics particles throughout the ocean’s waters have started to settle in more and more each day. These fabrics symbolise the desire to stay in bed, a metaphor for our society’s tendency to ignore the fact that the fashion industry is the second highest polluting industry in the world. We also included bandages, symbolic of first aid and repair to physical trauma, to show how communities are coming together to make an effort to clean our ocean waters to save both seafowl and marine life. We hope that our artwork can spread the word about the pollution caused by the fashion industry in oceans waters and how it affects seafowl and marine life.

Region: Orange