Super hero dogs

Artist: Abigail McLaughlin

TEN working sheepdogs live on our property between Nyngan and Warren in Western NSW, and between them they consume at least a 25kg bag of dog biscuits each week. Empty dog biscuit bags are useful for many things on farms. My husband likes to use them as hazard alerts by hammering steel pegs into boggy areas of ground and putting a dog biscuit bag over them for visual affect. Similarly to mark bush tracks for visiting contractors. However, mostly they end up in landfill. My Soft Plastic Superdogs are made from a collection of discarded plastic bottles, toilet roll cardboard, takeaway food containers, plastic irrigation hose, wire, and chemical drum lids. They are paper-macheted and then painted. Their capes are made from a dog food bag in keeping with the Waste 2 Art soft plastics theme. When not making Super Dogs, I work as a journalist, and am studying fine arts one subject at a time at Dubbo Tafe.

Region: Bogan Shire