Sock monster

Artist: Spring Hill Public School

Lost socks, mismatched socks, socks with holes in them. This was the common complaint amongst our students at Spring Hill Public School. What was happening to all our socks? This enormous problem was discussed endlessly as the plight of orphan socks was growing every day. After endless investigation it was concluded that it was due to the SOCK MONSTER! A strange beast that waits silently in the laundry, hungry for socks – spotty, grotty, filthy, smelly socks. We decided to give our socks a voice and let their personalities shine. Students brought in their orphan socks from home and created their individual characters from Harry Potter, superheroes (including ninjas), kings and queens, fairies and other mythological creatures, lots of animals and even a Mrs Mac sock. This sculpture demonstrated how recycled materials and objects can be transformed using creativity, humour and student imagination. This was a whole of school project for K-6 which promoted cooperation between the younger students working with the older students to create their sock characters.

Region: Orange