Artist: Beryl Armit

This Milo tin gave Beryl the Inspiration to flatten a piece of tin, so it was placed in a roller at “Blue Shed Engineering ” – The tin was flat but came out with a Ripple effect, which was a surprise as we thought it would be smooth. Then Beryl took it out to the Orange Women’s Shed and use a nail punch to punch the holes in the tin after a pattern was drawn (mirror imaged from a piece of recycled paper folded in half.) This image was then turned over so the rough hole punch side was exposed. A friend had collected recycled old pieces of brown paper and cardboard and a piece of rippled/stretchy paper was selected to be used as the background to this piece of Art. A trip to the recycle centre saw a frame purchase for $2 to place the artwork in. The title of the artwork speaks for itself. A chance in Covid to create a piece of hanging creative Art

Region: Orange