Rainbow Magazine

Artist: Amarni Reidy

My artwork called “Rainbow Magazine” was inspired by a book I read about water, rainbows and nature. In the beginning I was just doing a rainbow but once I started I continued to add other things found in nature and the garden. My Rainbow magazine is made of shredded paper, egg carton, beads, curling string, match sticks, paper straws, felt paper, coloured paper, patty papers, pom poms, aluminium cans, blue paint, coloured cardboard, newspaper, tiny teddy box, cotton balls, feathers, googly eyes, cardboard, paddle pop sicks, leaves, string and a toilet roll. In this process I had fun and I used my glue and scissors a lot, I got the idea from a book I read about a rainbow then I made a rainbow. After I finished the rainbow it look too plain so me and my family came up with more ideas and then we came up with My Rainbow Magazine. My library teacher also helped me in so many ways.

Region: Parkes