Artist: Christina Tomlinson

A unique wind chime has been created using recycled copper pipes, copper windings, rope, a glass sphere from an old sun catcher and a tree branch found after a recent storm in the Mudgee region. The discarded copper pipes have been sanded back in places to highlight the beautiful raw copper beneath the old patina. The copper pipes have darkened over time due to the oxidation process. The chain links are made from windings from inside defunct electricity transformers. Each link was individually made by wrapping the windings repeatedly around a tube of the required diameter then cut and polished. These rings are linked together to form the chains. The patina on the copper windings was created when the transformers were set alight to burn off the excess coating covering the windings this turned the copper black. The rope was found in the back shed. My inspiration came from the beautiful lustre and true colour of the copper hidden beneath the patina– its true beauty is only revealed after much sanding and polishing!

Region: Mid Western