Our ‘fabritastical’ alicorn

Artist: Isabella Grant

Our ‘Fabritastical’ Alicorn, is a collage made from recycled clothes from our wardrobe. Mum made us go through our clothes and it was amazing to see how much of them did not fit us anymore or were dirty. The dirty ones we can’t recycle because no one wants to buy dirty clothes and as a result, they end up in our landfills. That is what gave us, or Mum really, the idea of using them for this project. I have never explored creating art with textiles before. It was fun and tricky to cut out the shapes, play with different colours and textures to piece together our 2D magical Alicorn. Three main colours were chosen for the Alicorn that represent my family’s favourite colours – pink for me, blue for my sister Lily, and gold for my brother Cooper. I did learn that it is quicker to colour in using markers than it is to use fabric. It did help to colour in a template horse first to find the right colour combinations. Our magical Alicorn also has a special healing power. If you give ‘Adorina’ a pat three times on the mane or tail and then touch the love heart on her forehead, she will heal whatever troubles you. Try it! Maybe if we all tell her about the waste problem on the earth, then she might magically heal the planet.

Region: Dubbo