Miss Poly Ethylene

Artist: Sonia Tilley

The inspiration for this artwork was obtained from my normal artwork where I weave only natural materials. I wanted a challenge where I could apply my design skills by using only plastic materials. The weaving technique I used for the bodice is from my usual artwork. I used clear and black soft plastic for this artwork. I obtained the clear soft plastic from Parkes Big W, after speaking with the store manager. This clear plastic is used for packaging boxes around pallets. The plastic barcodes from plastic wrap were used as bows on the gown. The soft black embossed plastic was obtained from Parkes Brick Paver & Tiles Supplies. David Potts, the director, was very supportive of my endeavour. I suggested to him that the plastic he provided could be used by school students for their artwork, as it was very workable. Black polyester netting was obtained from the recycle bin in the Can Assist Parkes shop, after approval from the manager. I used a plastic bread tie and a cardboard one on the cape to show how things are improving with our food packaging. My artwork entitled, “Miss Poly Ethylene” is a debutante ball gown. The lower part of the gown is made from clear plastic stretch wrap composed of polyethylene (LLDPE). I then applied these pieces on a mannequin by attaching them to a hoop which I made by hand from the waste black plastic sheets. I then made a cape made from the black polyester netting and strips cut from the black polyethylene sheets. The barcoded white plastic was made into bows which were hand-sewn onto the gown using nylon thread.

Region: Parkes