Light to the max

Artist: Jake Henry

‘Light to the Max’ is a pendant that could be used over a dining table or as a wow factor in a

room. I created ‘Light to the Max’ using Pepsi Max cans, hot glue, old lamp shade and an old

light bulb and cord. My inspiration was the tiered crystal pendants.

I welded horseshoes together with a metal frame and 2 pieces from an old tine plough. This gate is used every day and although the horseshoes are old and worn out, this gate gives character to the side of our home. It measures 1.7 metres high and 1 metre wide. I try to weld my pieces using old and rusty parts that would normally be scrapped or just rusting away somewhere. I like to think that by creating something new, we are reducing waste and giving these “scraps” a new and long-lasting purpose.

Region: Bathurst