Artist: Jayla Miller

My Waste 2 art is a cat and I named her Kitty. I chose to make a cat because I love cats and no one in the class made one. My favourite part about making my cat was when I put the fur on it. I wanted to put bottle cap lids for the eyes but they had sword fish on them and I did not like that so I just used big metal beads that have circles in the middle of them and they are flat. There is a thing on the tin that says it can be recycled but did you know that unfortunately much of our recycled materials just go to a big pile of waste in another country? So it is even more important for us to find ways of reusing materials. I loved that we made our Waste 2 art out of tin cans. All the rubbish on our Earth is bad for our Earth and the animals. Can we please reuse and recycle in our country just like I did?

Region: Orange