For this project, I found it really hard to choose an idea to complete. I decided to make a man out of recycled materials, as my Dad and I brainstormed several ideas and the thought of making a metal man was a good idea and something that could be made from scrap materials we had.

Once I decided on making ‘Jeff’, I researched online and found ideas for using scrap materials to make my person. Some of the materials I had access to were: Chains, Old machinery parts and Old fencing.

I liked the idea of using these materials to make my metal man, because I knew that if I were to leave him out in the elements, he would develop rust, giving him more character and life.

I used materials that I found at my property to make my piece. I used an old fence post for the body, a curled bit of metal for the head, a chain for the arms so that he could move them, and a muffler to use as a backpack. I decided that he also needed features and so I looked for, and gathered old bolts for ears, chain for earrings, bolt nuts for eyes and wire for his mouth. Using these materials helped me to realise that we throw a lot of still usable materials out, and that even if they can’t be used for their real purpose anymore, they can be given new life in another form.


Blake McMahon




Scrap Metal