Artist: Andrew Oxley

Through my artistry, I transform discarded engine parts and scrap steel into captivating sculptures, giving new life and purpose to forgotten materials. Inspired by the timeless wisdom and mystery associated with owls, I crafted a unique representation of these majestic creatures that embody both strength and delicacy. Each welded fragment, carefully chosen, comes together to form a harmonious whole-an embodiment of nature’s resilience and human ingenuity. The position of mechanical components with the organic form of an owl serves as a metaphor for the intricate relationship between man and the natural world. As viewers encounter my owl sculpture, | invite them to reflect upon our complex relationship with technology and the environment. By utilising discarded materials, I draw attention to issues of consumerism and waste. I hope that my sculptures sparks dialogue, inspire sustainable practices, and encourage viewers to reconsider the potential of discarded objects.

Region: Orange