Grandma’s legacy of doilies

Artist: Kathy Avgoulas

Before plastic table placemats, dismantlable furniture and the minimalist look; there were embroidered placemats, old worn out couches that needed a long lace doily to cover stains or a rip, and flowers in a vase or ornaments to be displayed on a pretty doily.  I’ve hand stitched all the pieces on. They are mostly from my mother-in-law, Jean’s collection. Jean and her family were Greek refugees from Egypt during the late 1950’s and they had to leave everything behind. She was a skilled tailor and made wedding dresses and suits. The outside of my bedspread are her embroidered placemats she did as a very young woman. Her dedication to making beautiful clothes for her family for special occasions is remembered fondly. A few other doilies are ones I’ve collected from op shops over the last 40 years. The centrepiece of my bed spread signifies the sun and energy source for life. Everything revolves around it in our solar system. In life sometimes it’s only one person that is the energy source that keeps things going in a family. My Nanna was like that. A bed made every morning is the first step to organising a day and good training for children. A bedspread completes it.

Region: Lithgow