Fending off Flotsam

Artist: Kandos Public School - 4/5 Navy

Our classes’ work, ‘Fending Off Flotsam’, is an attempt to create something of beauty using a medium that may not be considered beautiful: soft plastics. The work was based on images of sea life that are impacted upon catastrophically because of humankind’s attachment to the convenience of soft plastics, predominantly single use plastic bags. In maritime law, flotsam is defined as debris in the water that was not deliberately thrown overboard. In our community of Kandos, hundreds of kilometres from the ocean, we have created a net to represent the capturing of our soft plastic use. Our future goal is to go beyond capturing our plastic before it ends up as landfill or in our waterways or oceans. Our goal is to do more than fend off the consequences of plastic-based flotsam but to eradicate the use of single use soft plastics forever.

Region: Mid Western