Fairytale Fascinator

Artist: Chloe Amery

My entry is the “Fairytale Fascinator” and it was inspired by the theme ‘textiles and fast fashion’. I embarked on a creative journey using old book pages that were destined to be discarded. Delving into my grandparents’ cupboards and rescuing these forgotten books, as I felt a strong urge to transform their pages into something beautiful and meaningful. Drawing inspiration from the elegance and sophistication of the Melbourne Cup fascinators, I wanted to challenge the notion that fashion needs to be expensive to make a statement. I envisioned the powerful impact of attending a high-end event adorned with a piece of art crafted from converted “waste.” The Fairytale Fascinator embodies this vision, a testament to the belief that reusing and repurposing can yield creations that are just as stunning as new and expensive counterparts. In designing the Fairytale Fascinator, I aimed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and old-world charm. The retro, old-fashioned aesthetic became a prominent theme, reflecting my admiration for the storytelling qualities found within classic fairytales. By repurposing the book pages and meticulously crafting them into a unique headpiece, I hope to convey the message that discarded materials can be transformed into captivating and relevant fashion statements. The Fairytale Fascinator not only tells a story of repurposing and sustainability but also challenges conventional notions of beauty and value. It highlights the timeless allure of old-fashioned aesthetics while advocating for the creative reuse of materials that would otherwise be wasted. Through my artwork, I hope to inspire others to reconsider the potential of discarded items and embrace the notion that beauty can be found in unexpected places.

Region: Parkes