Designer tote handbag

Artist: Terryll Cassidy

Typically highlighting the Artist’s expression of transforming unwanted products by recycling and upcycling. Firstly by going to a Nespresso Recycling depot and collecting the used coffee pods. Then taking them home washing and cleaning them of the used coffee grounds, then transforming them into shapes that can be used and sewn. This typifies the artistic expression using the “Recycling” concept. How it was made: I commenced this project by making a handbag shell using thick felt purchased from a charity store and making handbag lining using left over fabric from another project. This was the basis of my Recycled Handbag art project. The process then was to link the pods together with key rings then sew then onto the bag shell. Same with the handles. “Recycled” art fashion is to source reclaimed, recycled, unconventional materials to re-sculpt, redefine and repurpose instead of going automatically into landfill. Using a little imagination, recycled items like the NESPRESSO ALUMINIUM COFFEE PODS can be transformed into a useable and practical creation, like this fabulous and individual handbag. This Handbag project took the Artist one week to make. Everyone can help our environment by drawing attention to wastefulness, reduce and reuse where possible, conserving our precious resources. This will then benefit everyone and our precious environment. The Artist had a lot of fun making this

Region: Lachlan Shire