Contessa Barbara

Artist: Orange Women’s Shed, Friday group

A ‘one-off’ haute hand-crafted couture bodice. It is made up of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pieces of textile scraps that were surplus to their original purpose. Our journey began after the donation of a display mannequin from one of our members. We appealed to the members for colourful donations from their “stash” at home. We received bags and boxes of suitable material. All were gratefully accepted and inspired many ideas. Colourful flowers were created from the material, a simple circular design. A donated t-shirt provided the base for the flowers. Countless hours of work and the raw material was transformed. We had hundreds of the bright beauties! A support was made from recycled wood and our mannequin was able to stand tall. She ticks all the boxes. She saves waste going to landfill, teaches us how to reduce, reuse and recycle, exercises our creative energy and imagination, decreases clutter at home, and provides a wonderful group activity that alleviates stress. High fashion does not need new material.

Region: Orange