Colour for colour

Artist: Sue Boyer

The colourful garments and textiles we like so much are costing us the colours in our coral reefs. The textile industry produces a large proportion of the CO2 pollution, uses vast amounts of clean water while producing even greater amounts of polluted water. Fast fashion has meant we are buying more clothing and disposing of even more clothing. This results in climate change, which is warming the oceans, decreasing the quality of water flowing into the oceans, increasing the acidity of the oceans, filling the oceans with microfibres and mass bleaching of the corals. This work is aimed at drawing a direct link between the colour of textiles and the colours in the coral that we stand to lose. It is made of discarded wool and cotton threads with fabric scraps that were donated to the Women’s Shed. The backing board was collected from a skip at a building site.

Region: Orange