Coffeee pod windchime

Artist: Terryll Cassidy

My inspiration was to create an interesting “Waste 2 Art” WIND CHIME using NESPRESSO ALUMINIUM COFFEE PODS by upcycling a scrap and waste household product.

Typically, involving creating re-use and artful consideration to make it a uniquely artistic, edgy and interesting item.

This ALUMINIUM WIND CHIME highlights the artist expression of transforming unwanted products by recycling.

Firstly by going to a Nespresso Recycling depot and collecting the used coffee pods. Then taking them home cleaning and washing them of the waste coffee grounds. Each pod was then transformed into shapes that can be used and sewn. This typifies the artistic expression using the “Recycling” concept.
How it was made: Using an antique AUMINIUM kitchen colander, which was given to me by a good friend (thanks JB) which she had tucked away in her kitchen cupboard. It is so hard to find or buy an aluminium colander!! This was the basis of my ALUMINIUM WIND CHIME art project. Using clean ALUMINIUM COFFEE PODS and key rings, they were joined together from the base of the colander in long lines. ALUMINIUM COFFEE POD roses and daisies were created and placed on top of the colander to form a garden. This ALUMINIUM WIND CHIME is reclaimed and recycled material and is made using unconventional materials to re-sculpt, redefine and repurpose instead of these materials automatically going into landfill. Using a little imagination, recycled items like the NESPRESSO ALUMINIUM COFFEE PODS can be transformed into an interesting hanging garden WIND CHIME which emits a lovely tinkling noise. This project took the Artist a week to make!! Everyone can help our environment by drawing attention to wastefulness, reduce and reuse where possible, conserving our precious resources. This will then benefit everyone and our precious environment. The Artist had a lot of fun making this ALUMINIUM COFFEE POD WIND CHIME!!

Region: Lachlan Shire