Coffee pod full outfit

Artist: Terryll Cassidy

My inspiration was to create a complete outfit of wearable handcrafted “Waste to Art” designer inspired outfit using ALUMINIUM COFFEE PODS. Firstly, I had to source the NESPRESSO PODS. Secondly, each one had to be washed, cleaned and dried of the used coffee grounds before I could start my project. This dress, with matching accessories: Earrings, Necklace, Head band, Shoes, 24 x Pod Roses and matching handbag which can all be worn comfortably, highlighting the artist expression of transforming unwanted products, ALUMINIUM COFFEE PODS by recycling and upcycling. This typifies the artistic expression using the “Recycling” concept. How it was made: To begin, the Artist made a size 8 dress using felt fabric purchased from a charity store. This was the basis of the Recycled wearable art project. The pods were cut or shaped prior to sewing them for the dress, necklace, headband, earrings, bunch of roses and shoes. “Recycled” wearable art fashion is to source reclaimed, recycled, unconventional materials to re-sculpt, redefine and repurpose instead of going automatically into landfill. Using a little imagination, reverse rubbish can be transformed into funky wearable creations. Everyone can help our environment by drawing attention to wastefulness, reduce and reuse where possible, conserving our precious resources. This will then benefit everyone and our precious environment. To make this entire outfit took over 3 months to make. The Artist of this ensemble had a lot of fun making the entire outfit!

Region: Lachlan Shire