Chook RV

Artist: Rex Veal

This Mobile Structure was created to give my chooks a safe environment to graze, outside their pen, without being attacked by dogs, cats and feral animals.
It also allows the chooks to eat insect pests and fertilize the ground.
The basis of the structure is based on two scavenged trampolines, re-arranged to create a domed structure 3×4 metres.
I reused the original bolts and some Tec. screws.
The bird mesh came from a bird aviary, converted to a shed, and wired onto the structure.
Hinges, locking hasp and Tec. screws came from garage sales.
The nesting boxes and feed bowl came from our family farm.
The wheels, which came from a scavenged go-kart, allow the CRV to be pulled around by a ride on mower.

Region: Parkes