Brian the TAFE Critter

Artist: Julie Dearden

Brian literally rose from a waste skip bin to be recycled into my little garden ‘critter’. Having had no previous experience in welding I decided to use my meagre design skills and do a short TAFE course. As expected by all and sundry I wasn’t very good at it! Even having the best TAFE teacher in the world and an understanding husband of over 40 years, my end product was just basic head that threatened to fall apart in the breeze. Brian needed a body! Waste metal practice pieces that were retrieved from TAFE’s skip bin came to the rescue and were welded end to end for the body whilst the feet were the negative pieces remaining after sheet metal was cut into shapes by another wonderfully talented female student doing the course. The ‘recycling and design bit’ came together and was a lot of fun in the making. A critter that is not to be inspected too closely and should be viewed from a distance, and yes, he does bite. ‘Brian’ (not his real name) rose from a skip bin to now rest in the garden.

Region: Parkes