Belubula futures

Artist: River Yarners

A piece for provocation regarding the threat to the Belubula from a proposed gold mine over the headwaters. From finely detailed cartographic embroidery to abstract and symbolic collage, the pieces combine to create opposing spaces. One side depicts a future free from mining, where the Belubula remains uncompromised; the other, a gold-mined future of land degradation, water loss and contamination.
Post exhibition, the panels will be sewn in to the 130-metre-long yarned river, highlighting environmentally sustainable actions around water use and river-system care.
The River Yarners, a local craftivist group established in 2015 to oppose extraction of Macquarie River / Wambool water (10 ML/day) for this same gold mine development proposed at Kings Plains. Now,8 years later the future of yet another local river, the Belubula is threatened.
Contributors: Wendy Alexander, Stephanie Luke, Bernadette Mullaney, Sally Neaves, Margaret Sewell, Sarah Sewell, Tracy Sorensen, Vianne Tourle.

Region: Bathurst