Bee Responsible

Artist: Mudgee Playgroup

This artwork was an exciting opportunity to explore and discuss ideas on waste and the importance of recycling with some of Mudgee’s youngest art makers. The work is a collaboration between parents, caregivers and children that come together weekly at Mudgee Playgroup to make art, create, play, learn and get messy. We chose to explore the concept of bees and the environment with the children. Art and creative play is essential for kids, helping them to learn and exploring in the world around them. This project opened up discussions on our own impacts with the environment and how to be responsible and conscious individuals. We repurposed styrofoam and bubble wrap to create our hive. We collected aluminium coffee pods (which the kids enjoyed digging out the coffee grounds to compost) to make flowers which are vital to bees. We also hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at Mudgee Playgroup and reused the wrappers to make our bee wings. It was incredibly inspiring to watch the children collaborate and create!

Region: Mid-Western